Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're going to be a family of 5

Making the bear, look at that smile

Just waiting for daddy now

Bringing the bear to daddy

YEAH!!! We didn't know it was going to be 2!!

My 12 week ultrasound, the babies were so active and also were very close together

Most of you already know, but Bret and I are expecting TWINS!!!!!! We are so excited and a little scared at the same time. It has taken me a long time to post this, but I wanted to make sure that everything was ok with our two new bundles of joy. Last week I had my 12 week ultrasound and both of them are doing great, they are about the same time and had the exact same heart beat of 164, they are fraternal and we will find out what they are in four more weeks. I am dying to know so that I can get things ready. With Mackenzie we didn't find out, but with two of them I feel like we need a little more time to prepare for everything as when they arrive we will be pretty busy. I am feeling good, I am extremely tired and have been getting bad migraines, but I am hoping now that I am in my second trimester that those will die down. Even though I am just 12 weeks, my uterus is measuring at 15, which means I am already showing. I am still in my regular clothes, but barely. With Mackenzie I didn't wear maternity clothes until 20 weeks and then I just blew up because she was so big. With these little ones I am already growing each day, it should be interesting to see how enormous I get. At least I am still able to workout and go running, but I lose my breath a lot easier so I have to be careful.

As for Mackenzie she could not be more excited to be a big sister. But she really just wants two sisters so we will see. She talks to my belly everyday and tells me to take it easy and lay down so that I take care of the babies, it is adorable. Like I said earlier we have known for quite awhile, but when I found out I was pregnant I took Mackenzie to Build a Bear and had her make a bear and record a message in the paw that said "I'm the big sister", then we dressed the bear in one of her old onesies and tied the digital pregnancy test in the bear's hands. When Bret got home Mackenzie gave him the bear, it was so cute. I will keep you all posted as to how we are doing, but as for now we are just preparing to expand our little family of 3 to 5 in just a few months.

25th Wedding Anniversary

All ready and dressed for the party

Renewing their vows

Me and my love bug

Playing with her little pony at the end of the night in her jammies!!

A few weeks ago we took a trip to San Diego to celebrate Bret's grandma and grandpa's 25th wedding anniversary. Bret's mom and aunts put on the whole party and it was so much fun. They renewed their vows, toasted to a wonderful 25 years and cut the cake again, it was so great. Mackenzie had a blast and was so good, she was the only little one, but still had fun with the whole family. Here are a few pictures from the event.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Arizonians go to the Beach

In the lobby you would have thought we were moving in

collecting sea shells, Bret was FREEZING, what a good daddy

sleeping in her tent

The weather while driving to buy warm clothes

She had a ball in the sand, love her outfit???

My hubby is sooo hot!!!

The girls at the boardwalk

Riding the bumper cars

Nana was a tooper to go in the boat they were sooo small

The carousel so much fun

My dear husband planned a trip for us to go to San Diego to have a nice family vacation at the beach. He booked a hotel in La Jolla where you walked straight from your room onto the beach it was really gorgeous. So your thinking what a great idea huh, well, it rained. Yes I said rained and being from Arizona where it is already 107 everyday, we were frozen. We only packed shorts and tank tops, what morons. The first night we arrived, walked and had a great dinner and then walked on the beach so Mackenzie could find sea shells. We only walked for about 10 minutes because there were no shells and we were absolutely frozen. Then came night time, we had set up Mackenzie's tent and blow up bed to sleep in and she absolutely loved it, we watched a movie and then she curled up and went right to sleep. Meanwhile her daddy and mommy were in hell. First off the bed was the size of a twin, we are used to a king, and then the hotel is older so you can hear every word that is being spoken by the people in the room next to you. And of course the people next to us were extremely loud, so Bret thought it would be a good idea to turn the t.v. up loud because it would be better to hear that then the surfers next door. So now I am sleeping in a tiny bed and there is a bright light shining from the t.v., the t.v. is blaring and I can still hear the people next door. I got up put a towel over the t.v. which barely worked and then turned the t.v. down and just laid in bed staring at the wall. Finally the people were quiet and Bret and I were able to go to sleep.

The next morning we were exhausted, Bret could barely move, you should have seen him bend over to get something out of his suitcase, he was so sore from the horrible bed. Mackenzie and I went for a jog in the rain, and then we headed to Target to find warm clothes because Mackenzie was determined to play in the sand. To our surprise there was nothing warm sold at Target because it is the SUMMER!!!! Luckily Mackenzie had two pairs of long sleeve pjs and so she wore not just one but both of them. Bret and I on the other hand were bundled up in blankets etc, enjoying this wonderful and relaxing vacation on the not so sunny beach.

Bret's mom and sister showed up and decided that we should have plan B because we looked so miserable. Bret then decided that we should just stay at his moms because he wanted a good night sleep, and wanted out of this hotel of hell. Of course the hotel wouldn't give us our money back so we ended up paying for it even though we didn't stay there.

However I do have to say the trip ended great, we went to Mission Beach and Mackenzie got to play lots of games and ride rides and she had a blast. It was also nice to spend time with Teri and Kristen. So all in all the lesson of our trip was to just have a good attitude and anything can be fun.