Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drive in Movies

All ready for the movie

And she's asleep!!!!!

I have not been to the Drive In Movies since I was in high school, but we went this past weekend and we had sooo much fun. My mom is here visiting for two weeks so I am trying to find things that are different for us to do, we have eaten out at almost every restaurant possible, had make-overs for learning how to wear different types of make-up and now we have gone to the drive in movies. There is a theatre out here that has nine movie screens, I can not believe how crowded it was. Mackenzie was soooo excited to go, she loves to go to the movies, and she usually falls asleep within the first few minutes so we mostly go to movies that I want to see, I know I am a bad mom:( Anyways the only movie playing that sounded even halfway decent was 17 Again, I know I am almost 30, but I still like those lame movies, so we loaded up the back of the expedition with pillows, blankets and snacks and headed to the DRIVE-IN. The last time I went there was that stupid speaker that you would have to pull through your window and it would be static and it would fall out sometimes, so to my surprise now you can tune it to your radio, soooo cool, I know I am so old. We got all comfy in the back of the car, my mom, me and the munchkin and were ready to watch this great movie, when I noticed that my car was the only one with the lights still on inside. For the life of my I couldn't figure out how to turn them off. So me being me I walked around to find someone else with an expedition to see how they turned their lights off. I know I probably freaked the people out whose car I went up to, but I got my answered solved! Mackenzie did as usual and fell asleep after five minutes and my mom and I enjoyed a great brainless movie. This is what a Saturday night is all about, I may now become a drive-in junkie!

Hoppy Belated Easter

At her Easter Egg Hunt at her gymnastics place

Sooooo excited to color eggs

Showing all her goodies from the Easter Bunny

On her egg hunt, bike and all

Me and my munchkin before brunch

I love this picture

The whole gang at brunch

Sorry it has been awhile, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We seemed to have the Easter that never ended, I am not complaining though it was a lot of fun. My whole family came in on Friday and we spent the weekend celebrating, we had mulitple egg hunts, colored eggs and then Easter brunch. Mackenzie has taken after me in her egg finding skills, she could be right in front of one and not see it, so needless to say the egg hunts were long and she needed LOTS of help. The Easter Bunny brought her a bike, she looks so cute on it, and once she saw it she had to do her egg hunt on her bike. Overall it was a great holiday, lots of laughs and fun time spent with family.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The never ending Easter

Helping fill all the eggs, she was soooooo excited

All of the exercising moms

Moms going on their egg hunt, moms know how to have fun too

Go get those eggs!

All of the little ones getting ready to get the eggs

Mackenzie has already been on a million Easter egg hunts and Easter hasn't even arrived yet. We had a special Easter Stroller Strides class and she had so much fun. We did a whole class incorporate easter eggs etc and then at the end moms got to go on an egg hunt and so did the little ones. It was a blast for everyone. Mackenzie was so excited to fill the plastic easter eggs with gold fish and baby puffs, as well as written exercises for the class, she was such a great helper. I had bought the bunny ears for me to wear during class, which I did for a few minutes until they were taken by lovely Mackenzie, they looked a whole lot cuter on her. We have a few more egg hunts planned this weekend as well as Easter brunch that I will post after this weekend, my family is coming in tomorrow to visit, hopefully they don't mess up my newly cleaned house, ha ha.

Spring Cleaning

For Easter Bret decided to get a cleaning lady to come and clean our house from top to bottom for me. This was amazing, I hate cleaning and since we moved to AZ we no longer have a cleaning lady and we have a bigger house now, go figure. I do not like to do toilets, I will, but ew just the thought of it makes me cringe. Anyways, I have always felt that you need to clean your house before the cleaning lady comes, Bret never understood this, but I know all you women out there do. I don't need to scrub, but everything has to be put away. So this weekend instead of just putting things away I took it to the next level and cleaned out my closet (donated 10 bags of clothes, I didn't even know I had that much clothes), cleaned the storage closet, cleaned our laundry room, cleaned out all the cabinets in the closet, cleaned all of the linen shelves in the laundry room, organized all of my stroller strides stuff, cleaned out my office and did all the laundry and put it all away:) Mackenzie of course had to help, her favorite thing is cleaning the stools in the kitchen as well as the island. Bret and I started laughing because while she was cleaning she said "mama get your camera and take a picture of me cleaning for your bwog!" She is way to funny if I do say so myself. So the cleaning lady arrived and scrubbed my house, I mean everything for 5 hours, it is immaculate, I don't want to even be here because I am afraid to mess it up. I am not joking when I say I have not cooked since Tuesday because I don't want to dirty my kitchen. Oh how I miss Maria, my cleaning lady in CA. All in all it was a WONDERFUL present from my hubby and I am so thankful!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Bunny Fun

Before seeing the bunny

Trying to smile while crying, takes real talent

Look how red her face was... poor baby

After seeing the bunny...happy again

Today our playgroup for after stroller strides was to go to the mall and visit the Easter Bunny. Mackenzie was so excited to wear her Easter dress that my mom had bought her and she felt like a princess. She isn't normally a fan of Santa, the Red Robin bird etc, but for some reason the Easter Bunny doesn't scare her, or though I thought. Last year she took such great pictures and had a blast meeting him. So I was surprised when she started crying when it was her turn, I put her on his lap and she was crying, it was so sad, but I had to have a picture, I know I am a mean mommy. She was adorable, I said smile for the camera and then we'll go. So here she is sitting on this big bunny's lap, crying and trying to smile at the same time, it was priceless. I then told her to ask the bunny for a bike, she didn't, but it made her stop crying for a second and I got a picture. At the end the lady gave her a rubber duckie and she was so happy. So now the bunny has to get her a bike, what I will do to get a good picture:)

First FieldTrip

Fun on the carousel

Getting ready to feed the ducks

action shot

Bret in the petting zoo, better him then me

After the log ride

We were so wet, but it was fun

Eating lunch with one of her friends

Mackenzie had her first Preschool FieldTrip and it was to the zoo. She had been learning all about animals for the past few months so her teacher had planned the trip. Bret took the day off and took Mackenzie to the beginning of the class, and I held an early 8am stroller strides class so that I could meet them at 9:30. Mackenzie had so much fun feeding the animals, going on the train, going on a water log ride (mommy was scared and got wet:( ), had lunch with her friends. The funniest part of the entire trip was the petting zoo, as most of you know I am not a fan of animals so I was petrified to go into this part of the zoo. As we started to go in a goat was eating my jeans, I was not pleased as it was one of my favorite pairs, but I was proud of myself for keeping a brave face for the munchkin, however when she saw the goats coming at her she panicked the same way I was inside, and wanted out. I gladly took her out with a smile on my face!! Bret on the other hand got stuck inside and was surrounded by all of the goats, I could not stop laughing and was just happy that it wasn't me. This fieldtrip was a big ordeal and once we all got home, we all mommy and daddy included took a 4 hour nap.

Quick Disneyland Trip

walking into Disneyland with her bestfriend Julia

Mackenzie and Aunt Bibby infront of the Maderhorn

Having way too much fun

Me and my hubby

My favorite part....the cookies!!

All tired out

When I say quick that is exactly what I mean. Bret called me Monday morning of last week, he was in Tempe for an operation. He told me that he wanted to spend some quality time as a family and that we should go to CA and go to Disneyland. At first I thought he was drunk, then I was nervous about spending the money and then I was excited. We couldn't leave until Saturday afternoon because Mackenzie had basketball, and then Bret decided that he wanted to play in his softball game that didn't even start until 5pm. We left AZ at 6pm and arrived in CA at 11pm. We woke up the next morning and headed to Disneyland at 9:30. My mom and sister went with us as well as my best friend Katie, her husband and her two kids. Katie's husband works for Disney so they got us all in for FREE!!!! They are so awesome, we got lucky because it would have easily been $250 to get us all tickets, that's not counting food etc. We had an absolute blast and it was so worth it. Mackenzie wanted to ride the Materhorn, I don't know how to spell it, and I was sure that she would cry like crazy, but to my surprise she absolutely loved it, she is becoming so BRAVE, or at least more brave than her mommy. We ended up staying until about 7 and then grabbed some dinner and got on the road at 8:45 and arrived home at 1:30 am. I owe a big thank you to Bret because April is going to be such a crazy month for us that this was such a great idea so that we could relax and just have fun.

Basketball Memories

Mackenzie and her proud GP!!

Many of you know that I played basketball in grade school, high school and college, it was a huge part of my life growing up. Well Mackenzie is now playing and my dad, who was completely involved in my basketball career, was sooo excited to see her play. He drove out to AZ just to watch her for a 45 minute class, and he loved every minute of it. He was so impressed with how well she did, she was amazing, I think she was putting on a show for him. During the class and then when we went to lunch afterwards my dad and I were reminiscing about all of our old times. It was a blast, so many fun memories and new memories to be made by my munchkin.