Sunday, November 29, 2009

Only 3 weeks to go!!!!!

Showing her bell from Santa

Doing the wave with daddy on the polar express

Getting ready to load onto the train

All ready for the polar express

At a Christmas carnival riding the train

I can not believe how time is flying. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I feel that time for us has been in fast forward as we are trying to get everything done before the babies arrive on the 18th. I am almost done with Christmas shopping and they are all wrapped, the house is decorated, Mackenzie has been to see Santa, we went to Flagstaff to ride the polar express to the north pole and Mackenzie's preschool ornaments are done and ready to pass out to her friends. I want this Christmas to be special for her even though I will be in the hospital for probably 5 days prior to Christmas. The great thing is though, I really won't miss anything, she has two dance recitals one this coming weekend and one on the 12th and then she has her preschool party on the 17th. The babies are scheduled to arrive either by c-section or by being induced on the 18th, I will be 37 weeks. I most likely will have to have a c-section because baby A is still breech and unless she turns there is no other way.

I am going to the Dr. 3 times a week and am growing like a weed, I am enormous. I hate to complain, but these past few days have been horrible. Mackenzie is the best little helper ever, she tells me to rest and brings me whatever I need, I am truly blessed and how good she is, I hope my other two are as good as her or I am in for a rude awakening.

My bag is finally packed and in the next few days the car seats will be loaded in my car, I can't believe that soon we will be a family of 5! I have posted a few pictures of what our life has been like this past month.