Friday, December 19, 2008

Mommy and Daughter Fun

Being silly & taking pictures of ourselves
Mackenzie got flour all over herself and decided to get naked, she does have panties on.

There never seems to be enough time in the day and when I know I have a ton to do I always find myself doing the non important things, blogging, cleaning the toilets etc. We are leaving for a week tomorrow and I have tons to do, clean the house, finish the laundry, PACK, finish wrapping presents etc. So what do I decide to do today.... make Christmas cookies with Mackenzie. We made gingerman or at least tried to make them look like that. Then we took a nap, oh I love napping. It is so much more fun than laundry etc. Now it's 6 at night so we eat dinner and then decide to go over to a friend's to look at Christmas lights. Now you may be asking where is Bret, he had to work an operation the past few days and has been working til midnight so it has just been the girls.

Even though it is eleven thirty and still haven't started packing I wouldn't change anything about today. I had a blast with my little one today and we made memories that will last a lifetime. So remember just to enjoy the moment because they are over so fast!!!!!!

Santa isn't sooo bad!

Mackenzie has been petrified of Santa since last year, not because he is a big scary man, but because he wears gloves. I know, I know strange, but that's my daughter. So we ran into a problem this year because Mackenzie completely understands Christmas this year and was really concerned how Santa was going to know what she wanted because she wouldn't go to visit him. I told her that we could mail him a letter or I could call him, but that wasn't good enough for her. She came up with some elaborate plan while spending time with my mom that her friend Shannon would sit next to Santa and then Mackenzie would hand Shannon the letter and then Shannon would hand Santa the letter. Too complicated for me, and a 3 year old came up with it. Anyways she then changed her mind and wanted to go see him, so I wasn't about to change her mind.

As we were driving to the mall, we were talking about what she wanted for Christmas so she decided to make a list, she began to write down everything she wanted. We then got to the mall and got in line, immediately she started to freak out and wasn't so sure about the big guy. I talked her into staying in line and thought it would be great because there was a short line because Santa took a break at 12:30 for lunch. We were having a great time talking to other people in line, until I turned around and saw that Santa was GONE!!! We were second in line and the he went to lunch at 12:25, let me tell you how mad I was. Now I had to wait in line for 30 minutes while he ATE!!! Mackenzie then started to get antsy and not want to wait. I talked her into waiting since we had gotten ourselves there and she had her list.

So finally Santa finished eating and it was our turn. Mackenzie walked up to Santa and threw the list at him and ran away. He then asked if he could have a picture with her, she said NO, but then I talked her into it, but I had to be in it. After the picture he asked her to tell him what was on the list, Mackenzie began telling him the items one after another extremely fast.. double, she then noticed I had stepped away to take a picture and ran towards me, Santa then told her to wait and asked if he could have a picture with her, I thought Santa, you are crazy, but right before my eyes she hugged him, and I snapped a picture.

She was so pround of herself for being brave and is now content that she let Santa know what she wanted for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We made it and we are still alive!!

This past weekend Bret, Mackenzie and I loaded up in the car and made the 4 hour drive over to Las Vegas. The purpose... to have fun, but mainly because Bret and I were going to run the Las Vegas Half Marathon. My mom and sister flew in to watch the munchkin while we ran and it turned more into a fun break weekend for mommy and daddy. Mackenzie spent most of her time with her Geeky (that's what she calls my mom) and her aunt Bibby (what she calls my sister), while mommy and daddy had fun gambling and spending time together.

I am so proud of Bret for doing this race. Let's just say that Bret is not a runner, and doesn't claim to be one. He set up this whole weekend because he knows that I love to run, bless his heart. When I heard that we were going to do this, I set up a training schedule for us. Let's just say with our busy life we never completed it, or I guess I could say we never even started it. The most that Bret ran was 3 miles and the most I ran was 8. I told Bret that we weren't going to run together because we just don't run at the same pace. He wasn't too happy with this at first, but then he got over it and agreed. He kept coming up with solutions on how he was going to beat me, his favorite was that his dad was going to pick him up half way and drop him off at the finish line, he thought the look on my face would have been priceless.

The day before the race Bret and I were not thinking or having the mind set of runners. Bret sat in the sports book all day drinking Jack Daniels and club soda, then finished the night off with McDonalds and a strawberry shake while I decided to walk the strip all day. So in the morning of the race, 4:45 am we were not too happy. To top it off we had to walk about a mile and a half to the Mandalay Bay where the start line was. So it was time to start and we split up immediately because of how many people were there it was too hard to stay right with someone. I finished in 2:03 and I then called Bret, he said that he was at our hotel. I immediately panicked because I thought he got hurt or something, but he just meant that he was running right behind our hotel. He did awesome and finished in 2:34. So we survived and had a blast.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Christmas Time

Yeah!!!!! It is Christmas time, I am so excited, and I am even more excited to see how Mackenzie responds to Christmas this year. She is sooo excited, so when I got back from Chicago I knew that I needed to get all of our Christmas decorations up immediately. So Tuesday night I pulled all of the boxes out of the garage and started. I first put up the tree and then my little helper put on all of the ornaments. There were about 50 ornaments all on the bottom of the tree because that was the only place she could reach, so after she went to bed, I rearranged just a few of them. After I would take a picture of her, she would immediately turn to me and say "you put that on your bwog momma." In case you couldn't figure it out, bwog to Mackenzie is blog to the rest of the world. She loves this blog and we have to look at it everyday, she even sings along to the songs. So this post is so that I don't get in trouble, because if she looks at it and doesn't see herself decorating the tree, I will never hear the end of it.

My mom bought Mackenzie a snowman candy box where you put candy in a drawers and then every day you get to eat one and you count down to Chirstmas day. This has helped Mackenzie understand that Santa is not coming until all of the candy is gone. I just don't hope I wake up one morning with all of the candy gone and one unhappy 3 year old:) Anyways Mackenzie filled her own boxes with candy and had so much fun. She is still not a fan of Santa, she keeps telling me that she won't go see him, but that we need to write him a letter and get it in the mail soon. She also told me tonight that she is a fan of getting all of the toys, but not a fan of his. What 3 year old talks like this???

Anyways we are off to Las Vegas for the weekend. On Sunday Bret and I are running the half marathon, so wish us luck and I will let you know how we did early next week!!!

Snow, Snow and more Snow

This past weekend I headed to Chicago for my grandma's funeral. I do not do really well dealing with death and all of the saddness, but it was great to spend time with my mom and dad and all of my extended family. All of the arrangements were perfect, and my grandma went out in style with a snow storm.

It was just a quick trip, I went out there on Sat and headed back home on Monday night. Both mine and my parents planes were delayed coming home because of the snow storm. You should have seen it, the airport was packed because of all of the delayed planes so people were sitting on the floor, by trashcans etc. It was absolutely disgusting, so once I found a seat I did not leave it until it was time to board. When it was time for me to board the plane, I got up and stood in line only to find out that our plane was having technical difficulty, something that you never want to hear right before you are going to take a 4 hour flight. I was mad, not only was my plane going to be even later, now I had lost my seat. Then.... they come on the loud speaker and say that they were taking the plane on a test drive, never heard of this before, something you also never want to hear. Well all in all I finally got loaded and flew off and arrived safe and sound.

There are a few pictures of the snow at the cemetary, me and my mom at the airport, and my dad throwing a snowball at me... he missed:)