Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

I am soooo proud of myself. Today I decided that I was going to make homemade baby food. The little ones have been eating food now for awhile so I bought food from the store just to have the jars, now that I had enough jars I made sweet potatoes, butternut squash, greenbeans, and carrots. I am so excited and it saved me a lot of money and was really simple. Now I just need to see if they will eat it:)

Stroller Strides Picnic

Our porcelin doll

Me and my girls

Emma relaxing


Last Sunday we had a huge barbecue at the park for the kick off to summer with all of our stroller strides friends. We had a blast with water balloons, sand toys, good food and friends, here are a few pics of our fun day.

Mackenzie's Graduation!!!

All ready for graduation
Walking out to the graduation song

Getting her diploma

Our Family

All of us with Uncle Brandon

Mackenzie and her teacher

Proud parents

So happy to be graduated

Yesterday Mackenzie graduated from preschool!!! I am so proud of her, but so sad at the same time. My little baby is no longer a baby. She did amazing, they all walked out to the graduation song with their hats on and then told us their sounds, and then sand songs. Then when going up to get their diplomas, the teacher stated what each child said they wanted to be when they grew up. Mackenzie said she wanted to be a pet groomer, she is adorable if I do say so myself. Bret's best friend Brandon came to the graduation and joined us at Chuck E Cheese for a celebration and Mackenzie was so excited. After lunch it was off to the house for a nap for the entire family:) We are so proud of you Mackenzie!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Half Marathon

Mackenzie went crazy with my moms sticker basket at her school
Geeky and Mackenzie

Aunt Bibby, Mackenzie and I going to the movies

Enjoying pizza before our movie

Playing Chutes and Ladders

Out to dinner with my parents

Very early in the morning before the race

Right after I finished, just a little sweaty

Best cheerleaders

Friends from AZ who also ran

The whole group

For the past 3 months I have been training for the Orange County Half Marathon, and this past weekend was the big event. Terri and Kristen came in to town to help Bret with the babies and I took Mackenzie with me to CA. We had a blast, we first visited my mom at her school on Friday, that night we went to the movies, then on Sat my mom and I went to get my bib number and went to an amazing swap meet, while Tracy took Mackenzie to an amusement park. I then got to go to my favorite restaurant, woodranch, with the entire family and load up on steak before the big race. Sunday morning came, up by 4:30 and ran the half marathon, 13.1 miles in one hour, fifty four minutes. I was soooo excited, this was my best time ever, and I was nervous because of only having the babies 4 months ago, but I met my goal and felt such a feeling of accomplishment. Now it's on to a full marathon in October:)
Mackenzie and I then loaded up in the car and drove back home, we had a fantastic weekend, and a big thanks to Terri and Kristen for helping with the babies so that I could go and not have any worries.

Rylee is rolling over!!

Rylee rolled over for the first time, a little startled
Look at me mama!!!

Sooo proud of herself

Rylee so sweet, only if she could always be like this

Mackenzie dancing to her ipod, while scrapbooking



Reading to Rylee

I put Emma on the couch & turned to get my camera and she fell over, bad momma

Emma and Mackenzie

All ready for the day
Emma eating

Rylee eating

They are starting to pay more attention to eachother, Rylee is more aware than Emma

So Rylee is now rolling over, she rolls from her back to her tummy, which is the harder way to do it. The problem is though that everytime I put her on the ground, she immediately rolls over and then gets so mad because she wants to be on her back.

The girls also had their four month check up and are doing great. They are both on food now, one meal for lunch and then one for dinner. Rylee loves to eat the food, Emma on the other hand just loves to smile at you so all of the food just spills out of her mouth.

They are growing up so fast, and Mackenzie just got into her charter school for kindergarten so starting Aug 2nd she will now be going to kindergarten 5 full days. She will have to wear a uniform, which makes mommy very happy:)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The girls

Tummy time

Emma and Rylee


All 3 girls

Rylee and daddy

Mackenzie talking to Rylee

Just hanging out

All 3 kiddos

Emma in shoes for the first time

Watching Elmo

Playing candyland while talking to Nana

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, pretty much after I get all 3 kiddos ready for the day we take pictures before we head out. I have also included some pictures of what the kids do during the day.