Sunday, May 24, 2009

A great Cousins Visit

Waiting in the fitting room for Brookie to try something on

Riding the carousel all together

Miniature golfing...with daddy's help

Too cute

Having fun on the bumper boats

She kept waving and saying hi mommy, it was adorable

Riding the go carts...sooo brave

Mackenzie hasn't seen her cousins in quite awhile so she had so much fun playing with them and wearing them out. They were here for a few days and within those days we watched multiple movies, went to the mall, went out to eat many times, had a barbecue with friends, visited ASU and went to a water/fun park. Mackenzie had a blast and is so tired that she went to bed at 6:30 tonight. We had a great time with cousins Brooke and Brianna and uncle Lisa, (for some reason Mackenzie calls her aunt Lisa Uncle, we don't know why, but it's pretty funny). Thanks for coming to visit guys, we miss you already.

Last Day of Preschool

All ready for her snack

Waiting to watch the video

Get all that candy from the pinata

See my daughter starring to her right

Proud mommy and daddy

Mackenzie and her friends

Mackenzie and her teacher

I can not believe how fast time goes by. My little baby had her last day of preschool, oh I am so sad. Next year now she will be going with the 4 year olds for 3 days a week. The preschool that we had her in this last year was simply amazing, it was an at home school, which I was a little nervous about in the beginning, but it was the best decision we have made for Mackenzie so far. They had a little party on their last day where they had snack together, sang songs and hit a pinata. My child is so wierd, while singing her songs she refused to look at Bret and I , she turned her head to the right and sang so we wouldn't see her. It was hilarious, I was just happy that she was singing! The teacher had made a video of pictures from the whole year and put it to music, it was so adorable, and we all got a copy, Mackenzie has watched hers already 10 times. Overall it was a great party and this was a year with a lot of memories for Mackenzie and her mommy and daddy.

Summer Officially has started

Fun at the splash pad

swimming all by herself

My jumping bean

All tired from the party

It is already sooo hot here in AZ so Mackenzie has been in water already multiple times. There is a splash pad at the park where we do stroller strides and last year she hated it. This year I thought we would try again and to my surprise she loved it!!! We also went to a stroller strides summer kick off pool party and she also has gone swimming at Pop's house (Bret's Dads).

Mother's Day!!!!

So excited for me to open the present!

Me and my little munchkin

The finished project... just priceless

I am so far behind....I will have to catch you all up with what the Nielsen's have been up to lately. First off we had a wonderful mother's day. This was the first Mother's Day that Mackenzie really understood and it was absolutely adorable. The Thursday before Mother's Day Mackenzie had preschool and her teacher was telling them that they didn't have to buy their moms stuff to show them that they were loved, they could do things like clean up their toys, listen to them etc. Sooo.. On the way home Mackenzie told me that when she got home she had to go upstairs and do something for Mother's Day and I wasn't allowed to go up there. She was running around, I had no idea what she was up to. Then she came out and asked for hangers, but said I couldn't come in her room and just to leave them at her door, so I did as I was told. About 20 minutes later, she told me that I could come upstairs, but I had to cover my eyes. When I opened them she was standing in the middle of the room with her arms wide out and said "tada" She had cleaned her room, she hung up all of her clothes, and she said she had to hang everything on the lower rack because she was too short, she made her bed perfectly, and all of the toys were put away, she had also folded all of her pajamas and put them in her drawers. She really did an awesome job and I will remember that moment forever.

My mother's day wasn't over yet though, Mackenzie brought home a present for me from preschool, but she told me it was a surprise and that I couldn't open it until Mother's day. Well she couldn't wait that long, so before we headed to CA to visit my parents she told me that I could open it. It was a potholder with her handprint on it, it is the best present I have ever gotten, she was so proud of it.

We then headed to CA to visit my family and had a lazy weekend of eating good food and hanging out by the pool. I hope you all had as great of a mother's day as I did!