Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 year old's first pedicure

picking out her color

soaking those toes

too cute for words

The finished product

Kristen was visiting and we decided to go and get pedicures. Mackenzie was so excited and wanted one herself. She has gone with me many times, but never lets anyone touch her toes, she normally just sits on my lap and is so good. When we got there she was a little nervous and would only sit on my lap, even though she did soak her feet. She told me later that her feet were all wrinkly, I can only imagine after soaking them for 45 minutes. My pedicure took about 45 minutes and she sat there the entire time without barely saying a word. Then it was her time, she was excited but you could tell she was still nervous. She had picked out a green color and then the guy put a flower on for her. Of course the flower was messed up because she had to touch them, but she had a blast and was so good. My little girl is growing up way too fast. Did you notice the same basketball outfit, I wasn't lying she really did wear it the whole weekend!!

My little Basketball Star

Proud mama and her basketball player

Perfect form

Learning to dribble

What a great pass

Bret and I are trying to put Mackenzie in alot of different things so she can pick and choose what she likes the best. Well most of you know, I love basketball, so I am very excited to say that she has started taking classes. It is just a 6 week class to help 3-4 year olds learn basic skills. We went shopping on Friday to get her Nike tennis shoes and some basketball shorts and shirts. She was so excited, she told me that she needed all orange shirts and shorts because that is what they wear on t.v. (the uniforms). She loved her new clothes that she wore them all weekend. Mackenzie did so awesome for her first class. She listened so hard and worked on everything that was asked of her. She told me after class that she had to go "pee pee" the entire class. When I asked her why she didn't let me know, she replied "because mama I had to do the whole class."

First the kids had to practice dribbling in place and then started walking while dribbling, she did great. Of course she needed a lot of help, and she would be so hard on herself, but she would let Bret and I help and then she would get more confidence. They then learned how to throw a chest pass, she concentrated sooo hard and was really good at the passing. Then it was shooting time, poor little thing had a hard time getting the ball up to the basket, but tried so hard. It was so fun to watch Mackenzie really pay attention and work hard. GP, my dad, is coming this weekend because this is his love, so it will be interesting to see how she does with him being there. All in all it was a great way to start our Saturday.

Lots of visitors

Playing tea party

Mackenzie at the movie theatre

New scooter, what fun

Who was more tired?????

Walking with Nana to dinner

Playdough fun

Auntie Titten & Mackenzie at Red Robin

It has been awhile since my last post because our main computer got a virus, even though we had an anti virus software, so beware, and we just got it fixed. So here I am ready to blog again after spending $250 to fix my computer, what a rip off. Just a word of advice if you have Limewire it will ruin your computer:(

Over the past few weekends we have had many visitors, first my mom came for the weekend, then the following weekend Bret's moms came to visit and then this past weekend Kristen, Bret's sister came. We had such a blast and we love when people come out here. Mackenzie has a blast and is spoiled rotten by everyone, she has such a great relationship with everyone in both Bret's and my family even though we have moved away. You would think that we see everyone all the time, it is truely amazing.

My mom had a blast playing tea party, playing movie theatre and she bought Mackenzie a new scooter. Then Terri came and Mackenzie had a blast making apple pie with bubbles in the bathtub and playing playdough. And then if that wasn't enough she had a blast with auntie Kristen playing exercise and getting her first pedicure.
We are blessed to have such great families and for them to love our little girl soooo much. The weekend is coming again, and yes once again we are having a visitor... my dad. My dad is coming out because Mackenzie has started basketball, and this is something he loves. After basketball practice on Saturday, we are making a quick trip to CA to go to Disneyland with my friend Katie, my mom and sister. We thought our life wasn't busy enough so we decided to plan this trip. Just kidding, we just want to get away and have fun, so that is what we will be doing this weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mackenzie survived her surgery

In the waiting room

daddy making funny faces to make Mackenzie laugh

The lunch lady

afterwards holding her throwup bowl nice & close

eating ice cream at Red Robin

Mackenzie is doing well after having to be taken in today for tubes in both of her ears and her adenoids taken out. She woke up at 2:30 this morning crying because she didn't want to go to the doctor, I finally got her back to sleep only to have to wake her up at 6 when she immediately started crying again. We got to the place and she clung on to me for dear life, mommy's heart was breaking too. After we signed her in they immediately took us to the pre op room and had the nurse talk to us about the procedure and then had Mackenzie get in a gown, socks and hat. Bret and I made it seem sooo cool to get to wear such a cool outfit, because if you know Mackenzie she is very particular on what she will wear. Since we made such a big deal about the outfit she was so happy to wear it. Bret started calling her the lunch lady, you will know what he meant when you see the picture. She thought this was hysterical and started asking everyone what they wanted for lunch.

The nurse then came in and said it was time for Mackenzie to go. My heart just sunk, gave my little lunch lady the biggest hug and kiss ever and had to leave the room. Mackenzie did not cry at all, she proudly walked down the hallway with her panties showing from her gown in the back, because she was the bravest lunch lady ever.

Her mommy on the other hand wasn't so brave, I of course cried like I always do. We had to sit in the courtyard for what seemed like hours, which was only 30 minutes. The doctor came out to tell us that everything was fine. We went back to see her in recovery and she was very emotional, mostly because she wanted all of the IV's and everything else off of her. We finally got to go home, the second we pulled into the driveway she threw up in the car because of not having anything in her tummy.
We took her inside where she ate some yogurt and fell asleep, she snored sooo loud we couldn't even hear the t.v., she woke up in pain so I gave her tylenol, and she fell back asleep and the snoring started again, I hope this isn't a new thing from the surgery.

Bret had told Mackenzie that she could eat anything for lunch, so of course she chose Red Robin, she got a burst of energy and did really well there, and even had ice cream. We then got home and she played until she realized she had to have drops in her ears. Let me tell you people in Florida probably heard her scream, I am so excited to do this 2 times a day for the next 4 days.

As of right now my lunch lady is tired and cranky, she changes by the minute depending on pain and fatigue. I will keep you all posted

Great Urban Race

At the start line

Three legged races are not easy

Bret eating the corn

one of our statues to find

At the finish line, we made it

Bret and I signed up for the Great Urban Race in Phoenix. Basically it is a race just like the amazing race, you run around town on a scavenger hunt and have to complete certain tasks. You can have teams of two or family teams of four, it was just Bret and I and our team name was Mack attack. It was soooo much fun, we will definitely do it again next year and we were even talking about doing it next year. We had to do a bouncy obstacle course, three legged race, eat a piece of corn, find many statues and take pictures in front of them, solve a horse shoe puzzle etc. It tested us physically because we went well over 8 miles on foot, and it also tested our patience with eachother. We encountered a few obstacles along our way, we had to cross a protest line for immigration, have an out of it homeless man try to take a picture of us, Bret had to push a car that was stuck on the road to a drive way, I had to climb a fence etc. All in all it was a blast and we will definitely do it again.

Once in a lifetime experience

filming at our house

On the plane... too cute

In the limo all ready to go to the hotel

snuggled up to go to sleep

Breakfast before the show

Our dressing room

Look at all that make-up

Bret even wore make-up

Many of you already know that Bret and I have been trying for a second baby for quite sometime, well I decided to write an e-mail to Dr. Phil about me being so obsessed about getting pregnant again and to my surprise his studio called and wanted Bret and I on the show. He sent producers to our house last week to tape at our house and then flew us to LA on Sunday put us up at the Renaissance hotel, gave us $125 credit for food, had limos for us to transport us to the studio, had us on the show and then flew us back home. While on the show we had a great time, it was a lot of fun to see how the whole show works. We also got a free weekend trip to La Costa Golf resort and spa. Overall it was a great once in a lifetime experience.

Need a Good Laugh

Mackenzie loves to make funny faces, here are some of her favorite

Quick CA Trip

Best friends, Julia and Mackenzie

Mackenzie just loves Lucas

Yum, Yum Lucas

Playing in the bouncy

Last weekend we made a very quick trip to Ca to celebrate my best friend, Katie's sons first birthday. We packed up the car early Saturday drove down to Ca, went to the party, then met my dad and sister for dinner, my mom was at the academy awards and then we drove home on Sunday. Lucas we love you a lot and are so proud of you for walking on your first birthday!!