Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Poor Baby

Mackenzie during the day before she got sick!!

This past week Bret and I have been babysitting for our neighbors and Mackenzie has had so much fun, until last night. Around midnight, Mackenzie came into my room telling me that she had an ear ache, I gave her medicine and sent her on her way to go back to bed. About 15 minutes later she was screaming in her room and I ran in to see what was the matter and because I didn't want her to wake up her friend. Nothing is worse than having 2 three year olds up at midnight, one is bad enough:) I then took Mackenzie to lay on our loft couch and to go to sleep when out of the blue she threw up, and like every kid the second I got her cleaned up as well as the couch, she did it again. I rushed her to the bathroom and had to hold her hair while she threw up. I had visions of my mom doing this for me, and I would have done anything to have switched places with Mackenzie. It took everything for me to hold back the tears as my poor little three year old leaned over the toilet, throwing up and asking, "mommy why this happen to me?" It is now 2 am and I had to give her a bath, which Mackenzie's awesome daddy got up to show his support even though he had to go into work at 5 am, and then it was down stairs to the couch to hopefully fall asleep to sesame street. The next morning we went to stroller strides and then it was off to the Dr. Mackenzie had a 102.2 fever, the highest she has ever had as well as a really bad ear infection. Mackenzie is now on antibiotics and catching up on all the sleep she lost. Nothing is worse than seeing your little precious girl sick, I would have taken 20 tantrums rather than to see her in that pain, did I just really say that! Anyways I am off to a stroller strides ACADEMY, Bret laughs when I say that, but that is what it is called in San Diego tomorrow, so daddy will be on Mackenzie duty. They have a date tomorrow night to McDonalds and Mackenzie has her dress all picked out, then Geeky (my mom) is visiting Friday night who I know will spoil Mackenzie.

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Ali said...

poor baby! hope she is feeling better... it's awful when our kids are sick!