Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am such a bad blogger

Mackenzie on her way to preschool

So excited to be the classroom helper

Me at 4 1/2/ months pregnant
Today at 5 1/2/ months pregnant, I am enormous

Picking out the crib for one of the baby girls

Mackenzie at Build a Bear

Mackenzie and her friend Shannon

Being silly at my ultrasound appt

So I have heard from everyone how I am a bad blogger and just don't keep my blog updated, I know I know!!! I am now of facebook and I am not good at keeping that up either, so sorry, I am trying my best. We have been crazy busy, since my last post I am now 22 weeks pregnant with twin GIRLS!!! We are busy getting their rooms done, I am going to give them each their own room, which will be nice, but right now it is just twice the work. Mackenzie has started 4 year old preschool which is 3 days a week for 3 hours and she is loving it. As for me I am still teaching stroller strides 4 days a week, and going crazy nesting already. I just want to throw everything away because I know how much more stuff we are going to collect once the twins arrive. Bret is doing great, his softball team is on a break for a month, work is work and he is just helping out around the house because I have been so tired.

I had an ultrasound yesterday and the Dr. said everything looks great, he even thinks I could have 7 pound twins, dear God please my body can only take sooo much, but at least the babies would be healthy, which would be awesome. Like I said so sorry I haven't been keeping you all posted and I will try my best, I just have had a lot on my plate and feel like there is never enough time to get everything done. Hope all is well with you all:)

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Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Cheyenne Schultz said...

huge congrats on your babies! can't wait to see them on here!

and p.s. - saw you on dr. phil this morning at the gym and about peed my pants :)