Sunday, March 28, 2010

I know I am bad!!!

Rylee, Mackenzie and I on St. Patrick's Day

At the mall visiting the Easter Bunny



I actually got a cute picture of them all there, just not on my camera


My girls


Mackenzie playing with Emma

All ready for summer

Emma at the zoo for the first time

Zoo fun, this is where Kenzie sits when we go running, what a trooper

Emma and Kenzie cuddling

Crazy Mackenzie and Rylee

I know I am bad at blogging, but I am a little busy, I know no excuse. Anyways finally the baby announcements are going out tomorrow, only 3 months late, but at least they are going out. The babies are doing awesome, smiling and moving around like crazy. They are both sleeping through the night, down by 8 and then up at 7, so this makes for a very happy mommy and daddy. Emma is our sweetheart, she is huge, but is so calm, and just loves to smile at you. Rylee on the other hand is a handful, she is awesome during the day, but come 5 o'clock she can be evil, with me she is ok, just needs to be held, but with anyone else she screams and screams and screams. Her face gets bright red and then she'll hold her breath and she won't stop.
Me and my three girls travel all over the place together. Every morning we go running, the twins in the double jogger and Mackenzie sits on the very front, let me tell you it is very heavy with her in the front. But I am not complaining because I am lucky that I still get to get my run in. I am training for a half marathon, which is on May 2nd. Mackenzie is so awesome, because it can't be comfortable, but she never complains, bless her heart!!!

Then we do stroller strides from 9:30-10:30 and then play in the park. Our afternoons then consist of going out to lunch, shopping at the mall, running errands or going home for a nap!! Last week we went and saw the Easter Bunny, which was fun. All of the girls have been sick a lot this winter so we have also been to the dr. quite a bit. The most fun was when I had to take all 3 of them to the twins 2 month check-up and shots, this was an ordeal, but we made it through it!! It is a lot easier now with the carriers, but once they are out of them it will be alot more difficult, I am sure.

Bret and I went to La Costa Resort and Spa this past weekend for 2 days of a break while my mom and sister watched all the kiddos. They are amazing and am so appreciate because it was so nice not to have to hear mom, mom, mom, mom and then crying all at the same time for 2 days. Now we are back and refreshed and ready to get back to the real world. I posted just random pictures for you to see the girls!!

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Shelbi said...

Great pictures! I knew how cute the twins were (are) but Makenzie is simply adorable!

Trust me I know how hard it is to keep up on the blogs. I try to manage two and I only have Grace & Lily and they're my only job!