Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ear Surgery Again!!!

Being so good in the stroller

Emma had fun too

Shopping completed

All ready for bed before the big day, new jammies and buddy

Mackenzie has had tubes in her ears 2 times and now she had to have them put in again. The poor thing keeps getting ear infections and after the surgery the Dr. said that her hearing has been as though she has been under 3 feet of water, which explains why the tv volume has always been at about 20!!!!! Anyways, my mom came to visit to take care of the twins so that Bret and I could take her to the surgery, but beforehand we had to take her to make a build a bear and to get new jammies for her big day. The hard part about her being older is that she remembers exactly what happens during surgery and she freaks out. This time she actually did really well until the nurse came to take her, she starting screaming and clinging on to me, yelling I only want my mommy. The nurse said in this case I could carry her to the surgery door, but then I would have to hand her off immediately. So I get to the door and pry Mackenzie off of my shoulder and hand her to the nurse, the doors close and I can hear her screaming and I turn around to walk out with Bret and I am in tears. My lovely husband to lighten the mood goes, "I wonder where she gets it from???" Yes she is a crier like me:) Anyways we go and sit in the waiting room and I text my mom to tell her that she was just taken in and the Dr comes out and tells me it is all over, the whole procedure only lasted 10 minutes!!! She did great, she played all day and was fine, and now she can hear perfect!!!!!!

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