Monday, May 3, 2010

Rylee is rolling over!!

Rylee rolled over for the first time, a little startled
Look at me mama!!!

Sooo proud of herself

Rylee so sweet, only if she could always be like this

Mackenzie dancing to her ipod, while scrapbooking



Reading to Rylee

I put Emma on the couch & turned to get my camera and she fell over, bad momma

Emma and Mackenzie

All ready for the day
Emma eating

Rylee eating

They are starting to pay more attention to eachother, Rylee is more aware than Emma

So Rylee is now rolling over, she rolls from her back to her tummy, which is the harder way to do it. The problem is though that everytime I put her on the ground, she immediately rolls over and then gets so mad because she wants to be on her back.

The girls also had their four month check up and are doing great. They are both on food now, one meal for lunch and then one for dinner. Rylee loves to eat the food, Emma on the other hand just loves to smile at you so all of the food just spills out of her mouth.

They are growing up so fast, and Mackenzie just got into her charter school for kindergarten so starting Aug 2nd she will now be going to kindergarten 5 full days. She will have to wear a uniform, which makes mommy very happy:)

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