Sunday, May 24, 2009

A great Cousins Visit

Waiting in the fitting room for Brookie to try something on

Riding the carousel all together

Miniature golfing...with daddy's help

Too cute

Having fun on the bumper boats

She kept waving and saying hi mommy, it was adorable

Riding the go carts...sooo brave

Mackenzie hasn't seen her cousins in quite awhile so she had so much fun playing with them and wearing them out. They were here for a few days and within those days we watched multiple movies, went to the mall, went out to eat many times, had a barbecue with friends, visited ASU and went to a water/fun park. Mackenzie had a blast and is so tired that she went to bed at 6:30 tonight. We had a great time with cousins Brooke and Brianna and uncle Lisa, (for some reason Mackenzie calls her aunt Lisa Uncle, we don't know why, but it's pretty funny). Thanks for coming to visit guys, we miss you already.

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