Sunday, November 9, 2008

Am I losing my Mind???

O.K. I don't know if I am losing my mind or not. This past Saturday was absolutely horrible, I had no motivation to do anything, I didn't want to get out of bed, get off the couch etc. After hearing the word mommy for the 150th time within an hour I wanted to jump out a window. Ok I know at this point you think I am psycho and are wondering if Bret has had me admitted. I know as a woman we are hormonal, but my hormones were taken to a whole new level this weekend. Since I had no motivation to do anything or to play house or baby with the munchkin all day, I decided to do something I did with my mom when I was little. I knew for sure this would get me out of my funk. We used to clean out my closet and play dressing room to get rid of all my old clothes and to make room for clothes for the new season. So Mackenzie and I took ALL of her clothes out of her room and threw them into the middle of the loft floor. I was so excited that I was actually going to do something... Until I found myself overwhelmed eating pretzels and watching the real housewives of Atlanta on the couch while Mackenzie took the clothes and spread them all over the house. So needless to say I did not get out of my funk and now my house was a disaster. I then decided to call my mom and sister who I ended up crying to on the phone for absolutey no reason at all. Bret then came up with the wonderful idea that I needed some time for myself. He is so brilliant or he was just scared to death of me.

So Sunday morning rolls around and Mackenzie comes in our room like usual asking to watch toons (cartoons), Bret literally jumped out of bed picked Mackenzie up and took her downstairs so that I wouldn't wake up. I then rolled out of bed at 9:30, my husband is amazing. He then told me that he was taking her to lunch with him and one of his friends. I was feeling so much better from getting a good night sleep, but the thought of an afternoon alone was wonderful so I wasn't going to stop a father, daughter date.

Now I know it sounds like I don't like my life and that I am miserable, but it is the complete opposite, I am the luckiest wife and mom in the world, but every now and then we need to be by ourselves. So there I was driving in the car actually listening to music, instead of hearing the wiggles or elmo from the dvd player. I went in the store without unbuckling a car seat, getting the diaper bag and making sure there were snacks and milk etc. I then decided I would stop and have lunch, a quesadilla & chips from Chipotle, I ate it in my car in the parking lot of Target and was in heaven. I then did some Christmas shopping. Can I just say how amazing Bret is he never once called to ask if I was coming home, I truely believe he wouldn't have called even if the house was on fire because he wanted me to have some time for myself. So I know you are wondering if I decided to go home. Well the answer is YES, the second I walked in the door Mackenzie came running down the stairs and jumped into my arms, and Bret was laying on the couch looking just as I had looked the day before. I was not going crazy, life makes us crazy and a 3 year old who is amazing, hilarious, and priceless is a lot of work, however with just a little break I am back and fresh. Now Bret needs a nap and a day to himself, that is why we make such a good team.

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LaDue & Crew said...

I totally wanted to cry reading all that!! I feel your pain... oh, I've been such a slug! I am looking forward to getting back to SS tomorrow, even though I know your gonna kick my ---!