Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Husband is a Cave Man

Bret and I have been so busy lately that we are like two ships passing in the night. So when Bret walked in from work today and I saw that he had almost a full beard I almost passed out. He said that he has been too busy to shave and I have been too busy to notice. Mackenzie told Bret that his face was dirty and that he needed to have a picture taken.

If you notice I am not in the picture and that is for a good reason. I have chosen to give up caffeine and boy do I look terrible. I am 2 days clean, I can not believe how much I am craving a cold glass of diet pepsi, I have had a headache for the past two days and absolutely no energy. I hope it will get easier. I decided that drinking an entire liter of diet pepsi in a day is a little ridiculous, don't ya think. I would pour myself a glass, get a refill go on the computer, get a refill, watch t.v. etc and before you know it an entire liter was gone. I know I am pathetic, but hopefully over the next few days my cravings will be gone and I won't look so tired and miserable.


Ginny said...

Mackenzie is the cutest little thing. Oh, and Bret is cute, too!!!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving.

The Robbins Family said...

Hi Kelly....I love your Blog. I am always on it checking for a new post. Mackenzie is getting so big. How do you guys like AZ? We loved living in the desert!

For some reason, I can't figure out how to get the comment section on my Blog to work...URGH!! I am working on it though. Here's my


briTT and joNNy said...

maybe you should try the Juice Plus! LOL