Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lots of visitors

Playing tea party

Mackenzie at the movie theatre

New scooter, what fun

Who was more tired?????

Walking with Nana to dinner

Playdough fun

Auntie Titten & Mackenzie at Red Robin

It has been awhile since my last post because our main computer got a virus, even though we had an anti virus software, so beware, and we just got it fixed. So here I am ready to blog again after spending $250 to fix my computer, what a rip off. Just a word of advice if you have Limewire it will ruin your computer:(

Over the past few weekends we have had many visitors, first my mom came for the weekend, then the following weekend Bret's moms came to visit and then this past weekend Kristen, Bret's sister came. We had such a blast and we love when people come out here. Mackenzie has a blast and is spoiled rotten by everyone, she has such a great relationship with everyone in both Bret's and my family even though we have moved away. You would think that we see everyone all the time, it is truely amazing.

My mom had a blast playing tea party, playing movie theatre and she bought Mackenzie a new scooter. Then Terri came and Mackenzie had a blast making apple pie with bubbles in the bathtub and playing playdough. And then if that wasn't enough she had a blast with auntie Kristen playing exercise and getting her first pedicure.
We are blessed to have such great families and for them to love our little girl soooo much. The weekend is coming again, and yes once again we are having a visitor... my dad. My dad is coming out because Mackenzie has started basketball, and this is something he loves. After basketball practice on Saturday, we are making a quick trip to CA to go to Disneyland with my friend Katie, my mom and sister. We thought our life wasn't busy enough so we decided to plan this trip. Just kidding, we just want to get away and have fun, so that is what we will be doing this weekend.

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