Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mackenzie survived her surgery

In the waiting room

daddy making funny faces to make Mackenzie laugh

The lunch lady

afterwards holding her throwup bowl nice & close

eating ice cream at Red Robin

Mackenzie is doing well after having to be taken in today for tubes in both of her ears and her adenoids taken out. She woke up at 2:30 this morning crying because she didn't want to go to the doctor, I finally got her back to sleep only to have to wake her up at 6 when she immediately started crying again. We got to the place and she clung on to me for dear life, mommy's heart was breaking too. After we signed her in they immediately took us to the pre op room and had the nurse talk to us about the procedure and then had Mackenzie get in a gown, socks and hat. Bret and I made it seem sooo cool to get to wear such a cool outfit, because if you know Mackenzie she is very particular on what she will wear. Since we made such a big deal about the outfit she was so happy to wear it. Bret started calling her the lunch lady, you will know what he meant when you see the picture. She thought this was hysterical and started asking everyone what they wanted for lunch.

The nurse then came in and said it was time for Mackenzie to go. My heart just sunk, gave my little lunch lady the biggest hug and kiss ever and had to leave the room. Mackenzie did not cry at all, she proudly walked down the hallway with her panties showing from her gown in the back, because she was the bravest lunch lady ever.

Her mommy on the other hand wasn't so brave, I of course cried like I always do. We had to sit in the courtyard for what seemed like hours, which was only 30 minutes. The doctor came out to tell us that everything was fine. We went back to see her in recovery and she was very emotional, mostly because she wanted all of the IV's and everything else off of her. We finally got to go home, the second we pulled into the driveway she threw up in the car because of not having anything in her tummy.
We took her inside where she ate some yogurt and fell asleep, she snored sooo loud we couldn't even hear the t.v., she woke up in pain so I gave her tylenol, and she fell back asleep and the snoring started again, I hope this isn't a new thing from the surgery.

Bret had told Mackenzie that she could eat anything for lunch, so of course she chose Red Robin, she got a burst of energy and did really well there, and even had ice cream. We then got home and she played until she realized she had to have drops in her ears. Let me tell you people in Florida probably heard her scream, I am so excited to do this 2 times a day for the next 4 days.

As of right now my lunch lady is tired and cranky, she changes by the minute depending on pain and fatigue. I will keep you all posted

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LaDue & Crew said...

This seriously made me cry, especially when I saw her pics. She is so sweet, and so brave, little lunch lady!