Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 year old's first pedicure

picking out her color

soaking those toes

too cute for words

The finished product

Kristen was visiting and we decided to go and get pedicures. Mackenzie was so excited and wanted one herself. She has gone with me many times, but never lets anyone touch her toes, she normally just sits on my lap and is so good. When we got there she was a little nervous and would only sit on my lap, even though she did soak her feet. She told me later that her feet were all wrinkly, I can only imagine after soaking them for 45 minutes. My pedicure took about 45 minutes and she sat there the entire time without barely saying a word. Then it was her time, she was excited but you could tell she was still nervous. She had picked out a green color and then the guy put a flower on for her. Of course the flower was messed up because she had to touch them, but she had a blast and was so good. My little girl is growing up way too fast. Did you notice the same basketball outfit, I wasn't lying she really did wear it the whole weekend!!

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fourjenna said...

She is sooo adorable, sitting there soaking her feet. I'm excited for Jenna to want to get pedicures with me. That is if she wants to. :] Love your blog, I'm a follower, see you monday!