Friday, January 15, 2010

My babies are four weeks old!!


Mackenzie and Emma


It was a little crowded at my 2 week check-up

I can not believe how fast four weeks go, it seems like just yesterday I had my c-section and my little ones arrived. Now they are already four weeks old, where does the time go. Both Emma and Rylee are doing great, Rylee is my little petite girl, who we call "little man" because she looks like a little old man and then Emma is my chunky baby who we call "Emma girl". Emma is exactly like Mackenzie, high maintenance, and adorable, while Rylee is a lot like Bret, she is very independent. Both babies are on a great routine, and are both sound asleep every night by 9:15, then Rylee sleeps until 4:15 eats and sleeps until 7:30, Emma sleeps until 12:15 eats, then wakes up at 4:15 eats and then 7:30, this is why she is my chunky one.

Both babies are really calm and really only get upset when hungry. Things definitely take a lot longer to do for example get out of the house, but we still are doing it. These past two weeks Bret has been off and we have had a lot of fun, we have run tons of errands, gone to the race track, been out to eat, worked out etc all with our family of 5. I took all 3 kiddos to have their pictures taken at the mall by myself and it went well, and we have been going to stroller strides at least 3 times a week just to get the little ones used to the routine. I am working out a little, but still need to take it easy because of my incision and it is killing me, but I don't want to have a set back.

Bret goes back to work on Tuesday which I am dreading because he has been such a huge help. My dad is then coming into town for a week to help me because I am opening up a new location for stroller strides on Feb 2nd and need to advertise and get things ready. Mackenzie is just loving being a big sister, she is fabulous with the babies, even if she does wake them up sometimes. She just loves them so much and wants to hug them even when they are sleeping, which drives me crazy at times, but you have to let her because she is just so in love with them. I will keep you posted as our little ones just grow and grow!!

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