Sunday, January 17, 2010

Routines are the BEST

Emma all ready for her bath
Emma's first big girl bath

Emma loved the water

Emma all done

Mackenzie and Emma
Emma ready for bed

Rylee's big girl bath

Rylee loved the water too

Not a happy Rylee


Two clean babies

Proud big sister

Emma in her jammies

Rylee in her jammies

Rylee all swaddled

Emma swaddled

All ready for bed
sweet dreams Emma

Sweet dreams Rylee

As many of you know, I am a very structured person, I love schedules and routines so I knew when we were having twins that they would have to get on a schedule early on. I did this with Mackenzie and she was sleeping through the night in her own crib at 7 weeks. I know this won't take place with the twins because they are still so little in weight, but we are getting closer. Emma and Rylee are no longer sleeping in our room, they are in bassinets in their own rooms. They are such loud sleepers that Bret and I weren't getting any sleep, so with the help of video monitors they are now on their own in their rooms and are doing great.

For our night time routine I have been doing sponge baths, but tonight was their very first big tub bath and they did great. So we start with a bath, they get lotioned up, get their jammies on, they get swaddled and then eat and then it is off to bed. We start the routine at 8 and by 9-9:15 they are sound asleep in their beds. As they get older I will move their routine up. Rylee is my good sleeper she is asleep by 9:15, wakes up at 4:15 eats and then goes back to sleep and wakes at 7:15, Emma is a little more high maintenance and is asleep by 9:15, up at 1:15 eats goes back to sleep, up at 4:15 and then up at 7:15. Not too bad for twins, but hopefully they will be sleeping more, especially Emma in the next few weeks. Here are some pics of their routine from tonight!!

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