Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa isn't sooo bad!

Mackenzie has been petrified of Santa since last year, not because he is a big scary man, but because he wears gloves. I know, I know strange, but that's my daughter. So we ran into a problem this year because Mackenzie completely understands Christmas this year and was really concerned how Santa was going to know what she wanted because she wouldn't go to visit him. I told her that we could mail him a letter or I could call him, but that wasn't good enough for her. She came up with some elaborate plan while spending time with my mom that her friend Shannon would sit next to Santa and then Mackenzie would hand Shannon the letter and then Shannon would hand Santa the letter. Too complicated for me, and a 3 year old came up with it. Anyways she then changed her mind and wanted to go see him, so I wasn't about to change her mind.

As we were driving to the mall, we were talking about what she wanted for Christmas so she decided to make a list, she began to write down everything she wanted. We then got to the mall and got in line, immediately she started to freak out and wasn't so sure about the big guy. I talked her into staying in line and thought it would be great because there was a short line because Santa took a break at 12:30 for lunch. We were having a great time talking to other people in line, until I turned around and saw that Santa was GONE!!! We were second in line and the he went to lunch at 12:25, let me tell you how mad I was. Now I had to wait in line for 30 minutes while he ATE!!! Mackenzie then started to get antsy and not want to wait. I talked her into waiting since we had gotten ourselves there and she had her list.

So finally Santa finished eating and it was our turn. Mackenzie walked up to Santa and threw the list at him and ran away. He then asked if he could have a picture with her, she said NO, but then I talked her into it, but I had to be in it. After the picture he asked her to tell him what was on the list, Mackenzie began telling him the items one after another extremely fast.. double, she then noticed I had stepped away to take a picture and ran towards me, Santa then told her to wait and asked if he could have a picture with her, I thought Santa, you are crazy, but right before my eyes she hugged him, and I snapped a picture.

She was so pround of herself for being brave and is now content that she let Santa know what she wanted for Christmas.

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LaDue & Crew said...

So, so, cute! Glad you guys came over to look at lights! Tayler still talks about it! Hope your Christmas was perfect!