Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Christmas Time

Yeah!!!!! It is Christmas time, I am so excited, and I am even more excited to see how Mackenzie responds to Christmas this year. She is sooo excited, so when I got back from Chicago I knew that I needed to get all of our Christmas decorations up immediately. So Tuesday night I pulled all of the boxes out of the garage and started. I first put up the tree and then my little helper put on all of the ornaments. There were about 50 ornaments all on the bottom of the tree because that was the only place she could reach, so after she went to bed, I rearranged just a few of them. After I would take a picture of her, she would immediately turn to me and say "you put that on your bwog momma." In case you couldn't figure it out, bwog to Mackenzie is blog to the rest of the world. She loves this blog and we have to look at it everyday, she even sings along to the songs. So this post is so that I don't get in trouble, because if she looks at it and doesn't see herself decorating the tree, I will never hear the end of it.

My mom bought Mackenzie a snowman candy box where you put candy in a drawers and then every day you get to eat one and you count down to Chirstmas day. This has helped Mackenzie understand that Santa is not coming until all of the candy is gone. I just don't hope I wake up one morning with all of the candy gone and one unhappy 3 year old:) Anyways Mackenzie filled her own boxes with candy and had so much fun. She is still not a fan of Santa, she keeps telling me that she won't go see him, but that we need to write him a letter and get it in the mail soon. She also told me tonight that she is a fan of getting all of the toys, but not a fan of his. What 3 year old talks like this???

Anyways we are off to Las Vegas for the weekend. On Sunday Bret and I are running the half marathon, so wish us luck and I will let you know how we did early next week!!!

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LaDue & Crew said...

Hi Mackenzie! I sure do love seeing all of the pictures on your bwog! Your tree is SO pretty- you did a great job decorating it! Tell Mommy to put all the ones on top back on the bottom...