Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snow, Snow and more Snow

This past weekend I headed to Chicago for my grandma's funeral. I do not do really well dealing with death and all of the saddness, but it was great to spend time with my mom and dad and all of my extended family. All of the arrangements were perfect, and my grandma went out in style with a snow storm.

It was just a quick trip, I went out there on Sat and headed back home on Monday night. Both mine and my parents planes were delayed coming home because of the snow storm. You should have seen it, the airport was packed because of all of the delayed planes so people were sitting on the floor, by trashcans etc. It was absolutely disgusting, so once I found a seat I did not leave it until it was time to board. When it was time for me to board the plane, I got up and stood in line only to find out that our plane was having technical difficulty, something that you never want to hear right before you are going to take a 4 hour flight. I was mad, not only was my plane going to be even later, now I had lost my seat. Then.... they come on the loud speaker and say that they were taking the plane on a test drive, never heard of this before, something you also never want to hear. Well all in all I finally got loaded and flew off and arrived safe and sound.

There are a few pictures of the snow at the cemetary, me and my mom at the airport, and my dad throwing a snowball at me... he missed:)

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