Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hate Ear Infections

Today I took Mackenzie to an ENT because she has had an ear infection every month for the past 5 months. When she was two she had a tube put in her right ear and was great for a year until it fell out. So today I went to see if she needed to have another tube put in. The ENT said that her ears are both filled with fluid and she needs tubes put in both ears. She also has to have her adenoids taken out at the same time. They then had her take a hearing test, which showed that she has a mild hearing loss. The good news is that her hearing will go back to normal after the tubes. I know this will be good for her and it is definitely what she needs, but I am not excited about this. No one wants to see their little girl in a hospital gown and then have to go under anesthesia. She is supposed to have the surgery in about 2 weeks, I will keep you posted, but please keep her in your prayers that everything goes well!!

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