Thursday, February 26, 2009

No more couch potato

I have been so lazy leately. I don't know if it has been that I have had a cold for the past 2 months or if I am just lazy. For the past month Mackenzie and I would go to stroller strides, come home, eat lunch, sit on the couch from 1-2 and watch full house, fall asleep, wake up around 4, make dinner and then go to bed. Bret would come home from work and both Mackenzie and I would be curled up on the couch with nothing accomplished for the day. So Tuesday I decided that I was going to the Dr. getting an antibiotic and NOT going to sit on the couch the entire day. I cleaned the kitchen, did every bit of laundry we had including all linens all over the house, and put it all away, cleaned and vacummed our room, and cleaned all bathrooms, I then made dinner, and did an exercise tape with Bret that evening. I felt so much more energy and good that I had accomplished something that day. Wed came and I said I also wouldn't sit on the couch, so Mackenzie and I ran errands, finishing cleaning the rest of the house and then went to dinner with my dad. Thursday is here and still no couch time...yeah... Mackenzie and I did an exercise tape, spent time with friends and then went to her gymnastics. Now don't get me wrong I am not giving up my couch time at night after Mackenzie has gone to bed and I watch my shows. I just don't feel as guilty sitting and relaxing at night when I haven't been there all day already.

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