Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Work Out Partner

Working out with daddy & mommy in her panties

A well deserved water break

So Bret and I are on week two of getting healthy, and week two of our exercise routine P90X. We have been doing the tape at 9 at night because we wait to digest our dinner and put Mackenzie to bed, but we have been dragging so we decided to try to do it while Mackenzie was still awake. She is an exercise freak, I guess it is my fault because of having her go to stroller strides with me, but it is hilarious. She can do all of the exercises. She worked out for the entire 60 minutes with us. Some of the funny things she said during the workout, "My butt is really hurting", "we are getting healthy", "we are a family that does exercise together", "are you having fun daddy, you not look like you having fun, we get all the fun out of our system", "I am drenched, this tape is killing me", "this is too hard, I am just gonna do high knees". She is hilarious, she really did get a workout, she was so sweaty and had to take a shower. So we have now adopted her as our new workout partner, we might as well get a good laugh while working out.

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