Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Bunny Fun

Before seeing the bunny

Trying to smile while crying, takes real talent

Look how red her face was... poor baby

After seeing the bunny...happy again

Today our playgroup for after stroller strides was to go to the mall and visit the Easter Bunny. Mackenzie was so excited to wear her Easter dress that my mom had bought her and she felt like a princess. She isn't normally a fan of Santa, the Red Robin bird etc, but for some reason the Easter Bunny doesn't scare her, or though I thought. Last year she took such great pictures and had a blast meeting him. So I was surprised when she started crying when it was her turn, I put her on his lap and she was crying, it was so sad, but I had to have a picture, I know I am a mean mommy. She was adorable, I said smile for the camera and then we'll go. So here she is sitting on this big bunny's lap, crying and trying to smile at the same time, it was priceless. I then told her to ask the bunny for a bike, she didn't, but it made her stop crying for a second and I got a picture. At the end the lady gave her a rubber duckie and she was so happy. So now the bunny has to get her a bike, what I will do to get a good picture:)

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