Thursday, April 9, 2009

The never ending Easter

Helping fill all the eggs, she was soooooo excited

All of the exercising moms

Moms going on their egg hunt, moms know how to have fun too

Go get those eggs!

All of the little ones getting ready to get the eggs

Mackenzie has already been on a million Easter egg hunts and Easter hasn't even arrived yet. We had a special Easter Stroller Strides class and she had so much fun. We did a whole class incorporate easter eggs etc and then at the end moms got to go on an egg hunt and so did the little ones. It was a blast for everyone. Mackenzie was so excited to fill the plastic easter eggs with gold fish and baby puffs, as well as written exercises for the class, she was such a great helper. I had bought the bunny ears for me to wear during class, which I did for a few minutes until they were taken by lovely Mackenzie, they looked a whole lot cuter on her. We have a few more egg hunts planned this weekend as well as Easter brunch that I will post after this weekend, my family is coming in tomorrow to visit, hopefully they don't mess up my newly cleaned house, ha ha.

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