Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First FieldTrip

Fun on the carousel

Getting ready to feed the ducks

action shot

Bret in the petting zoo, better him then me

After the log ride

We were so wet, but it was fun

Eating lunch with one of her friends

Mackenzie had her first Preschool FieldTrip and it was to the zoo. She had been learning all about animals for the past few months so her teacher had planned the trip. Bret took the day off and took Mackenzie to the beginning of the class, and I held an early 8am stroller strides class so that I could meet them at 9:30. Mackenzie had so much fun feeding the animals, going on the train, going on a water log ride (mommy was scared and got wet:( ), had lunch with her friends. The funniest part of the entire trip was the petting zoo, as most of you know I am not a fan of animals so I was petrified to go into this part of the zoo. As we started to go in a goat was eating my jeans, I was not pleased as it was one of my favorite pairs, but I was proud of myself for keeping a brave face for the munchkin, however when she saw the goats coming at her she panicked the same way I was inside, and wanted out. I gladly took her out with a smile on my face!! Bret on the other hand got stuck inside and was surrounded by all of the goats, I could not stop laughing and was just happy that it wasn't me. This fieldtrip was a big ordeal and once we all got home, we all mommy and daddy included took a 4 hour nap.

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