Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drive in Movies

All ready for the movie

And she's asleep!!!!!

I have not been to the Drive In Movies since I was in high school, but we went this past weekend and we had sooo much fun. My mom is here visiting for two weeks so I am trying to find things that are different for us to do, we have eaten out at almost every restaurant possible, had make-overs for learning how to wear different types of make-up and now we have gone to the drive in movies. There is a theatre out here that has nine movie screens, I can not believe how crowded it was. Mackenzie was soooo excited to go, she loves to go to the movies, and she usually falls asleep within the first few minutes so we mostly go to movies that I want to see, I know I am a bad mom:( Anyways the only movie playing that sounded even halfway decent was 17 Again, I know I am almost 30, but I still like those lame movies, so we loaded up the back of the expedition with pillows, blankets and snacks and headed to the DRIVE-IN. The last time I went there was that stupid speaker that you would have to pull through your window and it would be static and it would fall out sometimes, so to my surprise now you can tune it to your radio, soooo cool, I know I am so old. We got all comfy in the back of the car, my mom, me and the munchkin and were ready to watch this great movie, when I noticed that my car was the only one with the lights still on inside. For the life of my I couldn't figure out how to turn them off. So me being me I walked around to find someone else with an expedition to see how they turned their lights off. I know I probably freaked the people out whose car I went up to, but I got my answered solved! Mackenzie did as usual and fell asleep after five minutes and my mom and I enjoyed a great brainless movie. This is what a Saturday night is all about, I may now become a drive-in junkie!

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