Thursday, January 15, 2009


What a cruel mommy

Reading her letter from Santa

What a cutie, covering her own eyes, trying not to peek
Mama Mia....Yeah

I know I am way behind so here I am at 2 am, I can not sleep so what do I decide to do... update my blog, I know call me crazy. We are now in the middle of January and I am just updating on Christmas, but I guess better late than never.

When I was growing up, Christmas morning we always had a tradition of having my mom or dad cover our eyes while we walk down the stairs until we got to our Santa presents. No one ever wanted my dad to cover your eyes because he would walk you into walls and then walk you into a corner and then say look at all the presents and then open our eyes only to be staring at a corner, he would then laugh and take you to another corner and do the same thing... this got so old, but it was tradition. So what did I do this Christmas, I know I am cruel, but I carried on the tradition and walked my poor little 3 year old into corners, it is so much more fun when you are the adult.

Mackenzie had such a blast opening her Santa presents, you can tell from the pictures how excited she was, and had the same open mouth expression over and over again. Mackenzie definitely doesn't hide her emotions. Her favorite present this year: The Mama Mia DVD, I know this sounds weird, but I took her to the movie and then bought the sound track and she knows all the words to the songs. It is adorable to listen to her sing Dancing Queen. We enjoyed a calm Christmas day with Mackenzie playing with her presents, and then we were off to the Nielsens in San Diego for continued Christmas celebrations the day after Christmas.... stay tuned.

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