Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas with the Nielsens

The day after Christmas we headed down to San Diego to spend time with the Nielsens. Every year we always go and look at Christmas lights at Star Light Circle in Santee where me and my family lived when I was in high school. I love this tradition, we always get hot chocolate and walk around the circle and look at the Christmas lights. It is always freezing so we all get bundled up and just have a blast, Mackenzie's favorite is always the sesame street themed house. This year there weren't as many lights because we went the day after Christmas, I was very irritated, don't they know that you don't turn your lights off until after New Years.

Our second day in San Diego we decided to go to Sea World. It was such a nice day, we weren't in a hurry just there to have fun and we actually got to go on a lot of rides and see some great shows. Mackenzie had so much fun.

Mackenzie had a blast visiting with Nana, Ken and her auntie Titten (Kristen). She got to open presents again, and this time her favorite present was a cleaning set. Now you know she loved it so much because all she does is see her mommy clean all the time:) Mackenzie was in bed by 6:30 each night we were there because of being so tired from all of the activity. Nana Lorraine and Frank came over one night and she was already in bed, they were so disappointed, but I explained to them that it is no fun to be around a cranky Mackenzie, so we stopped by on our way home to visit them and we got some great pictures of them.

Christmas is over for 2008 and the Nielsen's were exhausted. We were then headed home to plan our big new year's eve party. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!

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