Monday, January 5, 2009

Crutches for Aunt Bibby

Before the injury having fun

After the injury..not so much fun

After our snow trip we headed to Orange County to spend the week with my family. We were just going to rest on Monday and then Tuesday we were going to take a trip to San Diego to go to Sea World. The weather wasn't great so we decided that we would skip Sea World and just stay at my moms and relax. Until my sister, Aunt Bibby to Mackenzie being the wonderful aunt that she is decided that she didn't want to disappoint Mackenzie so she looked up fun places to go for little ones. She found Pump It Up, one of the inflatables places. We decided that we would all go because when we go in AZ we always have a blast.

So we packed up our stuff Tuesday and headed out of the house early because play time was only between 10-11:30, and Aunt Bibby didn't want Mackenzie to miss out on any play time. Mackenzie and Tracy took off and were sliding and climbing and just having a great time so Bret and I decided to have fun to and play a game of air hockey. After the game, I won just in case you were wondering, we decided that we better be parents again. So we start looking for them only to find Mackenzie walking around by herself. As I see her I look into the bouncy and see my sister hunched over. She can barely talk so I climb in to see what is going on. Mackenzie had fallen down a ladder and Tracy caught her (I am still stunned that she caught her to this day, because my sister God love her, is not the strongest or most coordinated person), but by saving Mackenzie she had rolled her ankle.

Tracy does not handle pain well and starts to pass out anytime pain is felt, so here we are stuck in this bouncy where we have to climb out and my sister is putting her head between her legs. So I start talking to calm her down, like I was talking someone down from a building. I finally lift her out of the bouncy and then Bret took care of her from there.

Tracy then went to the ER to find that she had a foot fracture and an ankle sprain that would probably take 24 weeks to heal. She was put on crutches (Mackenzie calls them crunches). Can you say Merry Christmas. Tracy was a trooper and is getting better day by day. Sea World in the pooring rain would have been a lot better.

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LaDue & Crew said...

That is a totally cool Aunt, saving her little Mackenzie!