Sunday, January 18, 2009

Football, Football & more Football

Our little party chef

Eating with Daddy, yum, yum

Where's Mackenzie???

Today and every weekend around our household is all about football. Sunday is our day to sit around, do nothing, but watch football. Mackenzie loves it as well especially all of the snacks. I am in a predicament, so the Arizona Cardinals are going to the superbowl and since I am now an Arizonian I feel that is who I should be rooting for, but on the other hand my husband, ever since I have known him has been a die hard Steeler Fan. So.... who do I cheer for???

Our little daughter makes football Sunday even more entertaining. Everytime you yell at the t.v. there is a little echo so we definitely have to watch what we say. She screams at the top of her lungs, "go, go, goooooooo" even when a commercial is on. Mackenzie also believes that the only way to celebrate is to eat. She loves to take all of the food out of the pantry and set up a picnic. She passes out food constantly, so Bret and I are extremely full tonight. There are times however when she gets bored and goes and plays on her own. Today Bret and I were laying on the couch so involved in the game that we jumped up to go find our daughter because it had gotten way too quiet. She was in the exercise/play room being such a good girl, but my poor house was a mess since she pulled out every toy of hers, I attached a picture of the mess.

We still aren't sure what we will be doing for the Superbowl, but I am sure it will be fun. I only wish that I could have a jersey that on the front was the Steelers, and on the back would be the Cardinals. I just would never be able to turn around when my husband was in the room. Hope you all had a great Sunday and go CardSteels, I can't lose, what a great Superbowl!!!!!!

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