Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Little Gymnast

Ready for her first day of gymnasticsI couldn't believe she could do this
Sooooo cute

Getting brave, all by herself

What a good girl, listening to her coach

Mackenzie is now in gymnastics. I am trying to expose her to many different sports and activities as possible and then will let her choose what is her favorite and what she wants to do. We have done soccer, swimming, preschool and stroller strides so now it is time for gymnastics. I signed her up two Fridays ago and then we went shopping for a leotard, it was so cute shopping with her, she calls it her unitard. Mackenzie still doesn't have a handle on time so she just didn't understand that she couldn't do gymnastics that day. So each day she would wake up wanting to know if she was doing gymnastics that day or she would ask how many more times she had to go nigh-night until she got to go.

When it was finally the day for gymnastics she was ecstatic and felt like a princess in her "unitard". At the place that we take her to the parents are not allowed to go in with her, we have to watch from behind windows, I was a little nervous that she wouldn't want to go by herself, but I couldn't have been more wrong. When her coach told her class that they needed to go she jumped off my lap and into the gym she went. I just wanted to cry, I will be a mess when she goes off to college. Anyways the 3-4 year olds warm-up with the 4-5 years olds so I thought Mackenzie would be a little intimidated, not my little one. She held her own and just had a ball, she would look at Bret and I and just smile, she truly was having the time of her life. Me on the other hand was about to have a melt down. My little girl was so grown up, I had such a huge feeling of pride, that she was independent and was just having fun that I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I guess it is just called being a mom or crazy, it's your call.

After the warm-up they were split up in their age ranges, it didn't really matter Mackenzie was as big as all of them, my poor little baby. They did all kinds of tumbles and rolls and swinging from the bars. It was amazing and it has been all Mackenzie can talk about for the past few days. It is always fun to see her experience new things, dance and basketball are coming up in March so stay tuned.

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